Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2

As to America the information is given in not dismembered kind, i.e. as a group across the USA, Canada, Mexico where tourism development has reached very high indicators, and other countries of Latin America where tourism is in embryo or in general practically it is not developed, as, for example, in Guatemala.

East Asia and Pacific pool cultivate entrance tourism not only, a large place here belongs to pilgrim tourism, including to internal. Hong Kong, as free economic area, attracted many business tourists. China, which has begun economic reforms, more becomes attractive for exacting western tourists from the improvement of quality Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 of service and reconstruction of many historical-cultural monuments, and also positive policy of the state in regard to tourism. In China entrance tourism develops mainly. Abroad drive out annually only 0,5 % Chinese citizens.

In Japan on a border 1980 — 1990th a public policy was revised in regard to tourism and a course is taken on the forced development of entrance tourism. On general charges on tourism (in 1997 37977 million dollars of the USA was spent) Japan by the end 1990th conceded only the USA and Germany.

Africa attracts tourists above all things by the national parks. The largest African Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 national parks are Kenya — Cavo (Tsavo) and Tanzania — Serengeti (Serengeti). To the largest it is possible to carry parks of Zaire: Salonga (Salonga), to Zambia — Kafu (Kafue) and other National parks are in Zimbabwe, Uganda, the Central-African Republic, Mali and Botswana. The governments of the African countries spend considerable means for creation of national parks and preserves which are the original museums of living nature. As a rule, no more than third of territories of parks dug up for visitors, other are closed with the purpose of saving of primordial nature. Tourists can from the specially equipped grounds look Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 after life of such animals in a natural environment, as elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, lions and other

All greater popularity is used by a safari. Purchasing a license, it is possible to take part in hunt in the specially taken places.

The stream of tourists is enormous from all over the world, sent to Egypt, to adjoin with the monuments of the most ancient civilization on our planet. On the whole on Africa growth rates after 1999 9% made

Near east attracts tourists, foremost as the largest pilgrim center of the world, being the motherland of two world religions — Christianity and Islam Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2, in spite of political instability, caused an Arabian-Israeli conflict. It distinctly showed up just in 1999, when there was the highest percent of growth of tourist visits in this region of the world — 17,5%, related to celebration of 2000 Christmas.

At the estimation of tourist potential, except for economic, it is important to take into account geographical, the natural-climatic and demographic factors. This is important at planning of regional and subregional tourism. Especially as an inter-regional competition more becomes tougher the last years.

The period of high-tech in industry of tourism is presented by 1990th: development of large Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 transport corporations, hotel chains and enterprises of feed in countries with a favorable situation. To the last factor it is necessary to take a stable domestic and external policy, steady economic potential, high enough level of culture and social support of citizens. Considerable positive influence on growth of international tourist exchanges rendered development of transport, increase of his comfort at moderate prices, and in addition, development of facilities of communication and information, growth of industry of entertainments.

At the end of XX v. tourism became international globally. On the process of him all influence greater internationalization such mutually-caused factors Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2, as further expansion of his geography, from one side, and necessity of investing of tourist business at the international market for his profitability, with other. As illustration to it can serve cruise business! The geography of cruise rounds constantly extends, it is necessary to notice that cruise rounds are developed on water areas of all oceans, of some the large seas, not to mention round-the-world cruises — these maximum travel, or a vacation of all life, for those who has corresponding incomes and time. (The cost of three months cruise hesitates within the limits of 25 000 — 125 000 dollars of Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 the USA.) To hold out in this type of business, a company must be international, to have a financial base in many regions. Large cruise tour operators of P& O and Royal Carribean are such companies; last an island in the Caribbean sea, which is used for stops during cruise, belongs even.

The transition of humanity on the Gregorian system of chronology in the III millennium served a powerful impulse to intensification of tourism. And although a new millennium came in 2001, the most powerful triumphs on his celebration were conducted in 2000. Therefore for many arose up «syndrome of the traveller». People Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 aimed to visit many centers, where various measures, related to the offensive of new age, settled down. Number 2000 bewitched.

A most revival in tourist business was observed at the end of 1999 — beginning 2000, when Christians marked Christmas. The special sense at this time was purchased by the visit of Sainted Earth. All higher persons of Christian confessions going to the Christmas week in Israel, visiting Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and other memorable places, where the most honoured Christian relics are located.

Plenty of representatives of Christian confessions arrived with pilgrim aims. On January, 7th, 2000 has taken place joint divine service of Tourism on the modern stage and his prospects part 2 all higher hierarches orthodox churches. Organization of anniversary triumphs was accompanied plenty of different sort of spectacle measures, attracting the enormous amount of tourists. It is enough to mark that many leaders of the states and chapter of governments visited with visits at this time Israel. Among such there was a Yeltsin's couple.

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