1. Participle II in the function of an attribute can be used either before or after the noun it modifies, e.g.

· We saw a crashed car standing in the middle of the road.

· The car, crashed in an accident, was taken to the junk yard.

2. Pre-modifying attributes are used before the modified noun. In this position participle II is either used without accompanying words or contains an adverb, e.g.

· The old lady answered through the locked door.

· The Greens live in a well-planned cottage.

· The room had a faint perfume which gave it a lived-in air.

3. Post-modifying PARTICIPLE II AS ATTRIBUTE attributes are used after the nouns they modify. In this position participles usually have one or several accompanying words, e.g.

· Things seen are mightier than things heard.

· The book referred to can be borrowed from the library.

· Boys brought up only by their mothers usually lack some masculine features of character.

TASK 20. Fill in each blank with the correct form of Participle I or II.

1. Michael drove a _________ (to rent) car to California. He drove very carefully on _________ (to wind) roads.

2. Everybody knows that it is dangerous to jump from a _________ (to move) car.

3. The police usually PARTICIPLE II AS ATTRIBUTE watch out for _________ (to speed) cars.

4. The police try to locate _______ (steal) cars.

5. Drivers must stop at a _______ (to flash) red light.

6. It is a _______ (know) fact that drunk drivers are the _______ (lead) cause of many serious traffic accidents.

7. Drunk drivers are a _______ (grow) problem.

8. Research showed that _______ (marry) men are better drivers than single men.

9. Is your car _______ (insure)?

10. There is a lot of traffic in the morning. The streets are _______(crowd) with heavy transport.

11. I'm _______ (to lose). I need to stop at a gas station and ask for directions.

12. _________ (to grow) children still need their PARTICIPLE II AS ATTRIBUTE parents, while in the USA _________ (to grow) children tend to leave home when they finish college.

13. The game was so _________ (to interest) that all the children were greatly _________ (to interest) in it.

TASK 21. Translate the given sentences into English using the right form of participle I or participle II.